Not only do intrusions into operational airspace affect airport operations but they also have the potential to lower safety levels of aviation operations at airports. Airspace Labs is a product developed by EngiSeek Pty Ltd to assist aerodrome operators to protect the airspace surrounding their airports.

Airspace Lab by EngiSeek is packaged into modules which are customised to suit individual airport requirements.

Airspace Lab facilitates applications for objects in the vicinity of prescribed airspace. Making an application will involve submitting a form with required information for that application and then making an online payment to submit. After making an application, an EngiSeek engineer will review it and notify you of the status of the object. This process may take from 1 day to 1 month for the application to be finalised, depending on the complexity of the application. During and after when the application is being reviewed, you may view a visualisation of the clearance of the area around the application with respect to any nearby Obstacle Limitation Surfaces.

The price for an application is specific to airports in the vicinity of the applications.

Airspace Assessment (Temporary Objects)

Module one is used to assist aerodromes to mitigate the risk of prescribed airspace intrusions by streamlining the formal assessment process, including the protection of visual operations - Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) and the protection of instrument operations - Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Operations (PANS-OPS) surfaces.

Airspace Assessments (Development Assessments)

Module two will incorporate Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) contours and will allow Councils to subscribe so that they may communicate with both aerodrome operators and developers.

Aerodrome Technical Inspection Surveys (Upcoming)

Module three will allow airports to input obstacles identified as part of the annual Aerodrome Technical Inspection (ATI) process. Surveyed obstacles will be tracked and recorded through a dashboard and can be displayed in the interactive 3D map for visual reference.

National Aerodrome Safeguarding Framework (NASF) for Master Plans (Upcoming)

Module four will assist with driving improvements in planning outcomes consistently across all jurisdictions and contribute to the improvement of the safety and viability of aviation in Australia. All guidelines incorporated into NASF will be optionally incorporated into the 3D airport model.

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